I am an American artist living in Prague, Czech Republic. My work draws on my childhood  in the deep South (Alabama) as well as my many years living in Prague, and seeks to combine the two disjointed histories with my own present experiences and observations. My paintings have always been narrative and colorful and I almost always work on black or dark grounds. I prefer to pull the light out of the shadows rather than the other way around. Recently, I have been playing with creating images that harken to old woodcuts, book illustrations and the crayon scratch-through drawings of my childhood. Using non-traditional mediums such as glitter, spray paint and embroidery, (which I learned from my mother), also ties the pieces to my childhood. I sometimes derive an image directly from a source, such as old photographs from WWI which I found on the street in Prague. Some images speak to me more than others and it is that voice that I seek to entwine in my own narratives and commentary. Other ideas come from my dreams and are triggered by a waking outside reference that becomes a symbol.  The concept of mortality also plays an important role in my work as I have become one of the caregivers to each of my parents in the last two years, dividing my time between two continents.
I have had exhibitions in the U.S. and Prague over the past 30 years which have included painting, photography, video and multi-media installations, and most recently, stop-animation films. My work has been shown in private galleries and public museums and is included in many private collections as well as the Krannert museum permanent collection in Champaign, Illinois where I attended the Graduate Program in Painting. Most recently, I have been included in a group exhibition entitled “Blue” which first opened in Huntsville, Alabama in 2017 and now is traveling with new work to Havana, Cuba for the January 2, 2019 opening.